Zoho Makes it Easy for You to Run Your Business on the Go- Let’s Find Out How!

A lot of business ventures demand their owners and senior executives to travel frequently for client meetings, closing deals and what not! No matter the end profitability of the business trip, a lot of productive time gets wasted in the commute. And that’s mostly because you lack the internet to keep a tab on your business operations on the go!

Today, most of the transportation facilities are being equipped with internet services. But do you think it is reliable enough for you to plan your important business management tasks on the go? Probably not!

Hence, that’s where Zoho development services come to the scene. For a long time, Zoho has been trying to bring in a lot of its business management products to your desktop or laptop and introduce offline modes to them. It is really great to not rely on web browsers for monitoring your business updates during a trip.

Beyond that, managing the business operations isn’t enough! You must also be able to keep a tab on how much you are spending on your business travels. Zoho has a solution for it as well!

So, to give you a more in-depth knowledge of Zoho’s contribution towards helping your business remain productive even while you travel, let’s dive deeper into this topic!

How is Zoho Helping Businesses with Offline Modes?

Zoho Trident is an astounding tool that is slowly changing the way people conduct their businesses on the go. With the ideology that you won’t be having internet while flying by air or travelling by rail, Zoho introduced Trident, which is still in its BETA version.

It is for businesses that are already subscribed to Zoho One, Zoho Workplace, Zoho Mail and other such tools. They can download this product on their desktop and use its unified features. But what does it actually do?

Well, Zoho Trident brings some of the important business management applications to your desktop, accessible under one roof. It has both online as well as offline mode. Do not mistake it as a counterpart that unifies all the popular Zoho apps or tools. Instead, it allows you to access your important emails, business updates or others while travelling.

You just have to sync this desktop application and all the tools within by connecting it to the internet right before you start your travel. And then, while you are flying in a plane or travelling by train without the internet, you can still access the last synced data easily and queue up your emails or responses accordingly.

And when you reach your destination and the system connects to the internet, everything you have in the queue will be sent to the specified recipients. Moreover, if you have some important client details that you have to go through before the flight lands, you can check the respective emails offline as well.

So, whether you seek WooCommerce development services and Zoho integration for managing your eCommerce store or just want to manage your corporate operations through Zoho Mail and all of its other tools, you can now go offline to handle them all.

Embrace the Zoho Mail Offline Mode

Zoho Trident is still in its BETA phase, and the official version is yet to be released. Till then, if you want to experience the perks of Zoho’s offline mode feature and utilise your business travel time, you can get started with Zoho Mail’s offline mode.

There is a dedicated setting within the Zoho Mail control panel, using which the users will be able to save their emails offline for 7, 14 and 30 days. You can compose the emails that you have to send to your clients or employees or get the replies ready, even without the internet. When you land and connect to the internet, your emails will be sent right away!

Zoho Trident, when it arrives officially, will be providing you offline modes for Calendar, Mail. Tasks, Cliq, Notebook and other such Zoho tools. But till then, Zoho Mail will prevent you from losing your productive time during business travels.

What is Zoho Expense? How Does it Contribute to Business Efficiency During Travel?

The next crucial tool by Zoho that links directly to business travel is Zoho Expense. When you have a business trip planned anytime soon, the complexities associated with booking an urgent flight or a hotel room become inevitable. But, even beyond these hassles, what troubles businesses the most is managing the plethora of expenses that come along with business travel.

You need something to keep everything organised, associated with your travel budget, approvals and other such aspects. Zoho Expense is the answer to all of these problems and offers you certain features such as:

●     Create Proper Travel Requests

Zoho Expense helps all your business employees create proper trip requests easily by not missing out on any crucial elements. Adding the purpose of travel, budget, and other such details will be easier. Without Zoho Expense, it was a scattered and complex process, but now there’s scope for better planning as well as approval for the trip requests.

●     Easy Itinerary Management

Your business travel team will be able to source all the important itinerary information under one roof. Employees will be able to set their preferences for accommodation, seating, car rentals and meals. Thus, the overall business trip planning process will be easier.

●     Make Offline Bookings

If you are already on the go and have no access to the internet, Zoho Expense can help you go through various ticket options for the participants of your next trip. Thus, you will be able to process the ticket bookings offline by filling out all the details. In this way, your business travel plans will be executed smoothly.

Parting Words

It doesn’t matter whether you prefer travelling for your business by train, flight or road for the next meeting or event, you will be able to utilise the travelling time for your productivity. Use the right Zoho offline tools to be updated with your business updates and do some of the associated work without the internet.

Beyond that, it is now time you manage all of your business trips professionally through a tool and not just any spreadsheet. Turn up to professionals offering Zoho development services, and get your products integrated with your business operations right away!