Mindset Mastery – A Journey With Rico Handjaja

Mindset Mastery is a program designed to help runners build mental strength. The program includes a series of worksheets and videos that will retrain the internal dialogue that can hold us back.

Rico Handjaja is a life coach who helps people unlock their potential. He uses his diverse skills and passions to guide his clients in reaching their goals. His love for coffee, art and meditation is an integral part of his holistic coaching approach.


Rico Handjaja is a life coach with a unique approach to leadership. His diverse passions—such as art, running, and fitness—are not merely leisure pursuits; they are treasure troves of lessons that guide his coaching philosophy. He emphasizes the importance of empathy, which enables leaders to cultivate meaningful relationships with their teams and achieve success by embracing change with a composed mind.

The SEL Mindset Mastery Institute is a high-energy, hands-on 5-Day immersive experience that allows school staff members to strengthen their personal social and emotional learning (SEL) skills, foster collective teacher efficacy, and build a psychologically safe learning community! Participants optimize their beliefs, thinking patterns, and habits to create powerful mindsets for happiness, resilience, achievement, and leadership. They learn how to break negative patterns of self-talk and nurture a growth mindset, becoming unstoppable agents for positive change in their communities!


Rico teaches students to take control of their lives through the practice of meditation. This technique helps them learn to overcome obstacles, improve their relationships and become unstoppable agents of change. It also helps them achieve a greater sense of self-worth and clarity. Moreover, it gives them the ability to connect with their emotions and develop compassion.

As a result, they can make more informed decisions and avoid costly mistakes. In addition, these leaders are able to build meaningful connections and understanding with their teams. This is because they are more aware of their surroundings, and able to recognize the unique contributions of each person on their team.

Mindset mastery coaching is a great way to help runners overcome their mental barriers and accomplish their wildest running goals. It involves identifying limiting beliefs and negative self-talk and replacing them with empowering thoughts that will motivate them to succeed. This can be accomplished through various means, including journaling, meditation, or visualization exercises.

Personal Development

Rico Handjaja focuses on coaching individuals through the self-restricting beliefs and negative thought patterns that prevent them from moving forward. He helps clients develop empowering internal conversations, using techniques like cognitive-behavioral therapy and visualization exercises to unlock their true potential.

Empathy is another important component of effective leadership, and Rico teaches his clients to recognize and value other people’s perspectives. This helps them build meaningful relationships and understand that everyone has a unique perspective on life.

This program is ideal for passionate runners who want to purposefully and actively improve their mental fitness. It includes 6 core modules, with a variety of additional resources including a training plan library, module worksheets, and recorded webinars. In addition, students will get any new material added to the Mindset Toolbox in the future – completely free! Mental fitness takes time to develop, so we don’t recommend rushing through the modules. Just like physical training, it requires deliberate practice.


Rico’s coaching philosophy is holistic and focuses on personal growth. He encourages clients to become aware of their inner selves and make conscious decisions that resonate with their true values. This authenticity fosters trust and transparency within teams.

This coaching approach teaches individuals how to overcome self-restrictive beliefs and negative self-talk by utilizing cognitive-behavioral therapy techniques, visualization exercises, and goal-setting strategies. It also helps them learn how to replace negative thoughts with positive affirmations, quiet the mind when it wanders, and develop a strong focus to accomplish tasks.

The program includes 6 core modules focusing on specific mental skills that will help you build your mental fitness foundation. You will also get a complete “Mindset Toolbox” of additional material that will expand and improve your mental strength. When new content is added to the program in the future you will receive it for free. This includes training plans, interview recordings, and videos that will help you achieve your goals.